Dive Team

The Marin County Sheriff's Office Dive Team provides services to the local waterways of Marin County, as well as mutual aid throughout the Bay Area.

The Sheriff’s Office Dive Team consists of 10 members and a commander. All of the members are full-time sworn deputy sheriffs working in patrol, custody or investigations. The dive team was first formed using volunteers. In the early to mid 1980’s, the team was converted to full-time sworn deputies. At that time it consisted of 4 divers using their own equipment and no formal underwater search and rescue training. Since then, our divers attend monthly training and our equipment acquisition has provided us with a van (retired ambulance) and a 4X4 Bronco (retired coast patrol unit). Through a state grant we purchased a new RHI boat. Divers utilize wireless communication equipment that allows our divers to talk to one another and to the shore personnel. Our dive team has trained with other agencies including Contra Costa County and the California Highway Patrol. Both of those agencies have helicopters that were utilized to shuttle divers from the shore to the middle of the bay.