Special Response Team

The team is responsible for the successful resolution of critical incidents, and is used in such crisis situations as barricaded suspects, hostage situations, high risk search warrants, arrests of armed and dangerous subjects, dignitary protection, security for high profile events and riot control.

The Special Response Team consists of highly trained Deputies, specially equipped to deal with crisis situations that are beyond the scope of normal patrol operations. The team also assists other county police agencies with crisis situations. 

The team trains on high risk tactics sixteen hours each month. Those training days are devoted to working on shooting skills, dynamic entry techniques, slow and deliberate searches, team movements, linear assaults, land navigation, “less lethal” weapons or device deployment, active shooter responses, hostage rescue and physical fitness.

The Special Response Team must be able to operate in the many diverse environments found in the Marin County area. Special Response Team members must be able to respond by land, water and air. Marin County has urban areas located along the Highway 101 corridor from the North tower of the Golden Gate Bridge to the county line at the Petaluma River. Despite Marin County’s close proximity to San Francisco, it has large rural areas including, wilderness as well as recreational and agricultural areas. Training for this unit includes fieldcraft and camouflage for response in the rural environment. 

Critical situations may occur on shipboard, in marine areas that vary from houseboats to ocean going ships. Marin County is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the West and the San Francisco Bay on the East. Training is conducted using the Sheriff’s Office Marine Services and Dive Team.

Specialists from every area of the Sheriff’s Office are used as operation requirements are constantly evolving. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team requires members that are both highly specialized and able to adapt to constantly changing conditions.