The Marin County Sheriff’s Office is the warrant repository for the entire County Of Marin. The Warrants Division holds and processes for service all warrants for the law enforcement agencies in the County.

The types of warrants maintained in our database are: Criminal, County Parole, and Sheriff’s Orders to Arrest. Warrants held by the Sheriff’s Office remain active until they are recalled by the Court or they are served by any member of the California Law Enforcement community.

The Warrants Division also verifies warrants for all arresting agencies and provides warrant information to the public. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office actively works to serve the warrants issued by the courts.

By law, we can only check for warrants issued in Marin County. If you have court matters in another county or city outside of Marin, you must contact that county or city directly. If it is determined that you have an outstanding warrant in Marin, you must call the courts for further information on how to get the warrant cleared up. It is important to remember that if you do put yourself on calendar, the warrant will remain active until the court recalls it. This recall will not happen until you appear in court!

If you feel you have a warrant that was issued in this county, you may search on-line here or contact the Warrants Division during regular business hours and a local warrant check can be done. 


The Marin County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for transporting all subjects to Marin County from other law enforcement agencies both inside and outside the State of California. The decision to extradite someone to California from another state is at the discretion of the Marin County District Attorney’s Office. Their decision to extradite is sent to the Warrants Unit in writing and the warrants staff makes the appropriate changes to the computerized warrant entry to reflect this decision. This change in the warrant entry allows the warrant information to be accessed and seen by any law enforcement agency in the United States. Any information regarding arrival date and time of a subject from another jurisdiction is highly confidential, so for the safety of the prisoner and our staff no information of that kind will be released to the general public.