The Civil Division of the Marin County Sheriff's Office provides a full range of civil services. This includes service of process for all civil documents and assistance in enforcement of judgment processes.

Service of Process

In order for our office to properly serve documents, we must have the following items:

  1. Two copies of the documents (per defendant) to be served.
  2. An original signed letter of instruction, it must contain the following information;
    • Name of the person(s) or business/entity to be served as it appears on the documents
    • An address for service
      • You may provide more than one address
      • The address for service must be located in Marin County
    • Any additional information that will assist in service
  3. Payment must be received at the same time documents are provided to us. A fee is charged per person(s) or business/entity to be served. We accept cash or check.

For general instructions on Civil Service, please click here.

When requesting service it is important to pay special attention to time restrictions. If a court date is scheduled, the documents must be served within a specified number of days prior to the hearing.

Marin County Civil Fee Schedule

  • Service of Summons and Complaint – $50
  • Service of Summons and Petition – $50
  • All Other Service of Process (California Courts) – $50
  • All Service of Process (Out of State Courts Notary Fee) – $15
  • All Service of Process (Out of State Courts) – $50
  • Bank Levies, Third Party Levies – $50
  • Bank Levy (Fee to Open Safe Deposit Box) – $170
  • Civil Warrants – Varies
  • Earnings Withholding Orders (Wage Garnishments) – $45
  • Evictions – $180
  • Evictions (Cancellation) – $50
  • Evictions (Re-Post) – $125
  • Keeper Levy (Initial Deposit) – $425
  • Keeper Levy (Subsequent Levies) – $300
  • Levies (Personal and Real Property) – Varies*
  • Personal Property Vehicle Levy (Initial Deposit) – $2,500
  • Till Tap – $125

What We Process and Serve

An Earnings Withholding Order (Wage Garnishment) is one of the most common ways to enforce (collect) a judgment.


In order to process an Earning Withholding Order, we will need the following items:

  • An original and one copy of the Writ of Execution from the court
  • An original Application for Earnings Withholding Order (WG-001) which can be downloaded from the California Courts website
  • Fee payment of $45 must be provided to us for service


We will serve the documents above and all other necessary documents to the employer or payroll office (CCP 706.101). The address must be in Marin County. A service packet will be provided for both the employer and the employee.