Communications Division

The Communications Center is the primary 9-1-1 public safety answering point for all unincorporated areas of the county, as well as Mill Valley, Belvedere, Sausalito and Tiburon. We also serve the Central Marin Cities of San Anselmo, Corte Madera and Larkspur

The Communications Division of the Sheriff’s Office operates the Marin County Public Safety Communications Center located in San Rafael. The center provides service to the Sheriff’s Office, five police departments, nine fire departments, six paramedic service areas, Marin County Department of Public Works, and many other city and county government service departments.

When a citizen dials 9-1-1 from any of these areas a dispatcher in the Marin County Public Safety Communications Center answers the call. The center provides Emergency Medical Dispatch services for the entire county. Dispatchers use specially designed protocol cards to question callers reporting medical emergencies in a standardized manner. Dispatchers provide pre-arrival instructions for emergencies such as CPR and childbirth over the phone, and dispatch the appropriate response based on the requirements of the emergency.

The employees of Comm Center include:

  • 37 Dispatcher positions
  • 6 Supervisor Positions
  • 3 Management Positions (2 Assistant Managers/1 Comm Manager)

The Center operates the Intergraph CAD system, Vesta Phones and Motorola Radio consoles.