Policies and Procedures

Below are the policies and procedures for the Marin County Sheriff's Office, listed by division.  Some polices have been rescinded and/or not displayed here due to the fact they could jeopardize the safety and security of our operations. 

Detention Services

Booking Fingerprint


CUS-1-1              Custody Policy and Procedure Manual

CUS-01-02          Table of Organization

CUS-01-03          Public Information Plan

CUS-01-04          News Media Information Plan

CUS-01-05          Inmate Records

CUS-01-06          Inmate Welfare Fund

CUS-01-07          Incident Reports

CUS-01-08          Facility Sanitation, Safety and Maintenance

CUS-01-09          Commissary Price Setting

CUS-01-10          Inmate Welfare Fund Fixed Assets Inventory

CUS-01-11          Gender Scheduling Guidelines


CUS-02-01          Acceptance of Custody

CUS-02-02          Removal of Property By Arresting Officer

CUS-02-03          Booking Data and Distribution

CUS-02-04          Rights of Arrested Person to Make Phone Calls

CUS-02-05          Civil Code Booking and Commitment

CUS-02-06          Medical Receiving and Screening

CUS-02-07          Mass Arrests

CUS-02-08          Booking Local Warrants

CUS-02-09          Out of County Warrants and Holds

CUS-02-10          Out of State Warrants

CUS-02-11          Court Remands

CUS-02-12          Report-In Commitments

CUS-02-13          A.W.O.P. Return of Prisoner to Custody

CUS-02-14          Inmate Searches/ Clothed, Strip, Visual and Physical Body Cavity

CUS-02-15          Intake, Inventory and Storage of Arrestee's Property

CUS-02-16          Inmate Money

CUS-02-17          Detoxification Cell Use

CUS-02-18          Safety Cell Use

CUS-02-19          Use of Restraints - Safety Cell

CUS-02-20          Detoxification Time

CUS-02-21          Supervision of the Booking Area

CUS-02-22          Visiting for Booking and Special Needs

CUS-02-23          Sexual and Violent Criminal Offender DNA Sample Collection

CUS-02-24          Notification of an Uncooperative Individual's Arrival / Sergeant's Responsibilities

CUS-02-25          Arrest of 290 PC Registrants/Notification of Investigations Division

CUS-02-26          Providing Consular Rights Warnings to Foreign Nationals


CUS-03-02          Bail and Bail Bonds

CUS-03-03          Release on Promise to Appear

CUS-03-04          849(b) P.C. Release

CUS-03-05          Domestic Violence Release Issues

CUS-03-06          Temporary Out Paperwork

CUS-03-07          Temp-Out Property

CUS-03-08          Abandoned Property

CUS-03-09          Jail Overcrowding


CUS-04-02          Classification - Deputy

CUS-04-03          Inmate Orientation

CUS-04-04          Cell Inspections

CUS-04-05          Inmate Classification Review

CUS-04-06          Special Housing

CUS-04-07          Sub-Classification Levels of Mental Health Inmates

CUS-04-08          Administrative Segregation

CUS-04-09          Classification Review of Administration Segregation

CUS-04-10          Meal Service

CUS-04-11          Religious Diet

CUS-04-12          Yard Exercise and Recreation

CUS-04-13          Clothing and Personal Hygiene Issue

CUS-04-14          Laundry Exchange

CUS-04-15          Inmate Mail

CUS-04-16          Inmate Telephone Access

CUS-04-17          Inmate Showers

CUS-04-18          Inmate Visiting

CUS-04-19          Public Visiting

CUS-04-20          Attorney Visits

CUS-04-21          Contact Visiting

CUS-04-22          Court Clothes

CUS-04-23          Inmate Property Release to Public

CUS-04-24          Maximum Security General Population

CUS-04-25          Inmate Safekeep

CUS-04-26          Jail Cleaning Policy


CUS-05-01          Inmate Rules of Conduct

CUS-05-02          Disciplinary Action for Minor Rule Violations

CUS-05-03          Disciplinary Action for Major Rule Violations

CUS-05-04          Disciplinary Segregation

CUS-05-05          Inmate Grievance

CUS-05-06          Disciplinary Diet

CUS-05-07          Cell Extraction

              INMATE WORKERS

CUS-06-01          Inmate Workers Selection Process

CUS-06-02          Inmate Kitchen Workers

CUS-06-03          Inmate Pod Workers

              INMATE PROGRAMS

CUS-07-01          Prisoner Services

CUS-07-02          Individual and Family Services

CUS-07-03          Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous

CUS-07-04          Religious Observance

CUS-07-05          Voting

CUS-07-06          Education

CUS-07-07          Law Library/Library

CUS-07-08          Commissary

CUS-07-09          Inmate Council

CUS-07-10          Books, Newspapers and Periodicals

CUS-07-11          Hearing Impaired Access to Phones & TV

CUS-07-12          Inmate Marriages

CUS-07-13          Inmate Haircut Services

CUS-07-14          Pro Per Inmates


CUS-08-04          CJIS Security

CUS-08-05          Counts

CUS-08-06          Perimeter Checks

CUS-08-07          Contraband

CUS-08-08          Inmate Movement

CUS-08-09          Public Lobby

CUS-08-10          Tool Control

CUS-08-11          Identification and Visitor Badges

CUS-08-12          Card Reader Key

CUS-08-13          Metal Detector

CUS-08-15          Briefing Information Security


CUS-09-04          Fire Life Safety and Prevention

CUS-09-05          Hazardous Materials

CUS-09-08          Disaster Policy

CUS-09-10          Less Lethal (Extended Range Impact Munitions)


CUS-10-01          Hospital Guard Duty

CUS-10-02          Sick Call

CUS-10-03          Man Down Procedure

CUS-10-04          Communicable Disease - Housing Consideration

CUS-10-05          Notification of Inmate Isolation for Communicable Disease

CUS-10-06          Infection Control for Body Substance Precaution

CUS-10-07          Work Place Exposures to Communicable Disease

CUS-10-08          Consulting On-Call Doctor

CUS-10-09          Access to Treatment

CUS-10-10          Provisions of Health Care

CUS-10-11          Dental Services

CUS-10-12          Inmates with Developmental Disabilities

CUS-10-13          Medication Consents

CUS-10-14          Suicide Prevention Plan

CUS-10-15          On-site Treatment of Inmates by Private Health

CUS-10-16          Medical Rights of Female Inmates

CUS-10-17          Administering and Storing Legally Obtained Drugs

CUS-10-18          Death of an Inmate and Notification of Next of Kin

CUS-10-19          Serious Illnesses of an Inmate and Notification of Next of Kin

CUS-10-20          Transfer of Medical Records to State Prison

CUS-10-21          Medical Co-Payments

CUS-10-22          Emergency First Aid Kits

               POST ORDERS

CUS-11-01          General Security and Master Event Schedule

CUS-11-02          Administrative Support Lieutenant

CUS-11-03          Operations Lieutenant

CUS-11-04          Custody Training Sergeant

CUS-11-05          Secretary

CUS-11-06          Booking Sergeant

CUS-11-07          Housing Sergeant

CUS-11-08          Transportation/Classification Sergeant

CUS-11-09          Transportation Deputies

CUS-11-10          Booking Movement Relief Deputy

CUS-11-11          Booking Deputy

CUS-11-12          Booking Sheriff's Service Aid

CUS-11-13          Lobby Sheriff's  Service Aid

CUS-11-15          Movement Relief Deputy #1

CUS-11-16          Movement Relief Deputy #2

CUS-11-17          Movement Relief Deputy #3

CUS-11-18          General Population Male Pod

CUS-11-19          Female Pod

CUS-11-20          Special Housing Pod

CUS-11-21          Lockdown Control Room Deputy

CUS-11-22          Chief Cook

CUS-11-23          Housekeeper

CUS-11-24          Prisoner Services

Documentary Services

Dsc 0025


CIV-01-01           Bad Checks, Receiving and Processing

CIV-01-02           Balancing, Civil, Daily

CIV-01-04           Balancing,  Records

CIV-01-06           Checks, Disbursement of, in Civil System

CIV-01-08           Checks, Received on Writ, in Civil System

General Orders



GO-01-01           Departmental Order Manual

GO-01-02           Departmental Order Index Code

GO-01-03           Departmental Awards

GO-01-04           News Media Releases

GO-01-05           Computer System Information Security

GO-01-06           Funeral Policy

GO-01-07           Employee Performance Evaluation Process

GO-01-08           Supervisor's Review Form

GO-01-09           Cellular Phone Use

GO-01-10           Computer Use, Email and Internet Access

GO-01-11           Mobile Data Computer System

GO-01-12           Criminal Offender Record Information (COR)

GO-01-13           Booking Photo, Release to Media                    

GO-01-14           GoToMYPC Remote Computer Access

GO-01-15           Watch Commander Notification

GO-01-17           Employee Speech, Expression and Social Networking

GO-01-18           Department Use of Social Media      


GO-02-01           Time Sheet

GO-02-02           Illness and Injury Policy and Procedure

GO-02-03           Overtime and Overtime Reimbursement

GO-02-04           Assignments and Reassignments- Deputy Sheriffs

GO-02-05           Assignments and Reassignments- Sheriff's Sergeants

GO-02-07           Employee Use of Alcohol

GO-02-08           Peer Support Program

GO-02-09           Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Policy

GO-02-10           Modified Duty Policy

GO-02-11           Fraternization

GO-02-12           Domestic Violence Convictions Sworn

GO-02-13           Pre-Employment Truth Verification (Polygraph and Computer Voice Stress Analysis)

GO-02-14           Citizens Complaint Investigation - Special Investigation

GO-02-16           Outside Employment

GO-02-17           Injury and Illness Prevention Program

GO-02-18           Employee Volunteer Service

GO-02-19           Jail Meal Policy

GO-02-20           Vanpool Program

GO-02-21           Division of Volunteer Services

GO-02-22           Identification Badge

GO-02-23           Vacation Request / Use Policy

GO-02-24           Training

GO-02-25           Request for Overtime Reimbursement

GO-02-26           Sheriff Service Assistant Assignment

GO-02-27           Critical Incident Fatality

GO-02-28           Cadet Program


GO-03-01           Safety Program and Review Board

GO-03-02           Building Evacuations/ Bomb Threat- Civic Center Complex

GO-03-03           HIV Test Petition

GO-03-04           Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program

GO-03-07           Soft Body Armor


GO-04-01           Use of Chemical Agents- Oleoresin Capsicum

GO-04-02           Firearms Qualifications

GO-04-03           Use and Discharge of Firearm

GO-04-04           Firearm Specifications - On and Off Duty Firearms Requirements and Specifications

GO-04-05           Firearms Storage

GO-04-06           Use of Force

GO-04-07           Less Lethal (Extended Range Impact Munitions)

GO-04-08           Officer Initiated Shootings

GO-04-09           Wrap Restraint Policy

GO-04-10           Electronic Control Devices (X26-Taser)

GO-04-11           Flying While Armed


GO-05-01           Victims of Crime Program

GO-05-02           Marin County Law Enforcement Protocol for the Investigation of Domestic Violence

GO-05-03           Mutual Aid Requests

GO-05-04           Private Persons Arrest

GO-05-05           Evidence Collection and Submittal

GO-05-06           Evidence Submitted to Evidence/Property Room - Perishable

GO-05-07           Evidence - Controlled Substance

GO-05-08           Evidence - Biohazard and Hazardous Chemicals

GO-05-09           MERA Portable Radio Assignment

GO-05-10           Suspected Elder / Dependent Abuse

GO-05-11           Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program

GO-05-12           Megan's Law Procedure

GO-05-13           Juvenile Detentions and Arrest

GO-05-15           Supicious Death/Homicide Investigation Protocol

GO-05-16           Medical Aid Calls Involving Children

GO-05-18           Child Abduction Protocol

GO-05-19           Amber Alert/Endangered Missing Advisories

GO-05-20           Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

GO-05-21           Offender Registration

GO-05-23           Automatic Vehicle Locating System

GO-05-24           Immigration Status (Trust Act Implementation)

GO-05-25           Mental Illness Commitments and The Confiscation of Firearms/Deadly Weapons

GO-05-26           Body Worn Cameras

GO-05-27           Prision Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

GO-05-28           Acceptance and Processing of Ice Detainer Requests

GO-05-29           Naloxone (Narcan) Overdose Prevention

GO 05-30            Hate Crimes

GO 05-31            Involuntary Blood Draw

GO-05-32            Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

GO-05-33            "Axon Capture" for Photographic Evidence

Patrol Services



PAT-01-03          Release of Firearms

PAT-01-08          Unattended Deaths / Serious Felony Investigations


PAT-02-01          Storage of Impounding of Motor Vehicles

PAT-02-03          Rotational Tow Policy

PAT-02-05          Traffic Enforcement and Citations

PAT-02-06          Traffic Court Appearances

PAT-02-08          Vehicle Abatement

PAT-02-09          Recreational Vehicle Removal

PAT-02-11          Speed Measuring Devices / Radar

PAT-02-12          Traffic Safety Vest

              CIVIL CODE

PAT-03-01          Civil Rights Demonstration - Nonviolent

PAT-03-02          Persons Under Temporary Conservatorship

PAT-03-03          Civil Service Process

PAT-03-04          Animal Noise Policy

PAT-03-05          Walkaway Psychiatric Patients from Treatment Facilities

PAT-03-06          "Tarasoff Warning" Civil Code 43.9


PAT-04-01          Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Policy

PAT-04-03          Mobile Ident ll Fingerprint Reader


PAT-05-01          Missing Juveniles

PAT-05-05          School Resource Officer

PAT-05-06          Medical Aid Calls Involving Children

PAT-05-07          Child Abuse Reporting


PAT-08-03          Canine Unit

PAT-08-04          Explosive and Firearm Detection - Canine Unit

PAT-08-05          Sheriff's Mounted Posse Unit

              COURT ORDERS

PAT-09-01          Emergency Protective Orders

PAT-09-02          Protective Order Violations

PAT-09-03          Bail Enhancement

              MUTUAL AID   

PAT-10-01          Mutual Assistance Request

PAT-10-02          Mutual Assistance--Agencies Within Marin County

PAT-10-03          Patrol Division Seniority Shift's Assignments


PAT-11-01          Aircraft Accidents


PAT-12-01          Ride Along Program

PAT-12-02          "Are You O.K.?" Program

PAT-12-03          Field Training Program