Training, Policies & Procedures

According to legal mandate SB978, commencing on January 1, 2020, all local law enforcement agencies, are required to “conspicuously post on their Internet Web sites, all current standards, policies, practices, procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public if a request was made pursuant the California Pubic Records Act (Chapter 3.5, commencing with Section 6250 of the Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code.”

Below you will find that information.  The policies and procedures for the Marin County Sheriff's Office are listed by division.  Some polices have been rescinded and/or not displayed here due to the fact they could jeopardize the safety and security of our operations. 

UPDATE:  In collaboration with members from different communities within Marin County, we are releasing our updated use of force policy. This updated policy is the product of multiple meetings with industry experts and input and suggestions from the community members. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the importance of constantly evaluating our policies and procedures to make sure we are in line with 21st century policing.

Detention Services

Booking Fingerprint


CUS-1-1              Custody Policy and Procedure Manual

CUS-01-02          Table of Organization

CUS-01-03          Public Information Plan

CUS-01-04          News Media Information Plan

CUS-01-05          Inmate Records

CUS-01-06          Inmate Welfare Fund

CUS-01-07          Incident Reports

CUS-01-08          Facility Sanitation, Safety and Maintenance

CUS-01-09          Commissary Price Setting

CUS-01-10          Inmate Welfare Fund Fixed Assets Inventory

CUS-01-11          Gender Scheduling Guidelines


CUS-02-01          Acceptance of Custody

CUS-02-02          Removal of Property By Arresting Officer

CUS-02-03          Booking Data and Distribution

CUS-02-04          Rights of Arrested Person to Make Phone Calls

CUS-02-05          Civil Code Booking and Commitment

CUS-02-06          Medical Receiving and Screening

CUS-02-07          Mass Arrests

CUS-02-08          Booking Local Warrants

CUS-02-09          Out of County Warrants and Holds

CUS-02-10          Out of State Warrants

CUS-02-11          Court Remands

CUS-02-12          Report-In Commitments

CUS-02-13          A.W.O.P. Return of Prisoner to Custody

CUS-02-14          Inmate Searches/ Clothed, Strip, Visual and Physical Body Cavity

CUS-02-15          Intake, Inventory and Storage of Arrestee's Property

CUS-02-16          Inmate Money

CUS-02-17          Detoxification Cell Use

CUS-02-18          Safety Cell Use

CUS-02-19          Use of Restraints - Safety Cell

CUS-02-20          Detoxification Time

CUS-02-21          Supervision of the Booking Area

CUS-02-22          Visiting for Booking and Special Needs

CUS-02-23          Sexual and Violent Criminal Offender DNA Sample Collection

CUS-02-24          Notification of an Uncooperative Individual's Arrival / Sergeant's Responsibilities

CUS-02-25          Arrest of 290 PC Registrants/Notification of Investigations Division

CUS-02-26          Providing Consular Rights Warnings to Foreign Nationals


CUS-03-02          Bail and Bail Bonds

CUS-03-03          Release on Promise to Appear

CUS-03-04          849(b) P.C. Release

CUS-03-05          Domestic Violence Release Issues

CUS-03-06          Temporary Out Paperwork

CUS-03-07          Temp-Out Property

CUS-03-08          Abandoned Property

CUS-03-09          Jail Overcrowding


CUS-04-02          Classification - Deputy

CUS-04-03          Inmate Orientation

CUS-04-04          Cell Inspections

CUS-04-05          Inmate Classification Review

CUS-04-06          Special Housing

CUS-04-07          Sub-Classification Levels of Mental Health Inmates

CUS-04-08          Administrative Segregation

CUS-04-09          Classification Review of Administration Segregation

CUS-04-10          Meal Service

CUS-04-11          Religious Diet

CUS-04-12          Yard Exercise and Recreation

CUS-04-13          Clothing and Personal Hygiene Issue

CUS-04-14          Laundry Exchange

CUS-04-15          Inmate Mail

CUS-04-16          Inmate Telephone Access

CUS-04-17          Inmate Showers

CUS-04-18          Inmate Visiting

CUS-04-19          Public Visiting

CUS-04-20          Attorney Visits

CUS-04-21          Contact Visiting

CUS-04-22          Court Clothes

CUS-04-23          Inmate Property Release to Public

CUS-04-24          Maximum Security General Population

CUS-04-25          Inmate Safekeep

CUS-04-26          Jail Cleaning Policy


CUS-05-01          Inmate Rules of Conduct

CUS-05-02          Disciplinary Action for Minor Rule Violations

CUS-05-03          Disciplinary Action for Major Rule Violations

CUS-05-04          Disciplinary Segregation

CUS-05-05          Inmate Grievance

CUS-05-06          Disciplinary Diet

CUS-05-07          Cell Extraction

              INMATE WORKERS

CUS-06-01          Inmate Workers Selection Process

CUS-06-02          Inmate Kitchen Workers

CUS-06-03          Inmate Pod Workers

              INMATE PROGRAMS

CUS-07-01          Prisoner Services

CUS-07-02          Individual and Family Services

CUS-07-03          Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous

CUS-07-04          Religious Observance

CUS-07-05          Voting

CUS-07-06          Education

CUS-07-07          Law Library/Library

CUS-07-08          Commissary

CUS-07-10          Books, Newspapers and Periodicals

CUS-07-11          Hearing Impaired Access to Phones & TV

CUS-07-12          Inmate Marriages

CUS-07-13          Inmate Haircut Services

CUS-07-14          Pro Per Inmates


CUS-08-04          CJIS Security

CUS-08-05          Counts

CUS-08-06          Perimeter Checks

CUS-08-07          Contraband

CUS-08-08          Inmate Movement

CUS-08-09          Public Lobby

CUS-08-10          Tool Control

CUS-08-11          Identification and Visitor Badges

CUS-08-12          Card Reader Key

CUS-08-13          Metal Detector

CUS-08-15          Briefing Information Security


CUS-09-04          Fire Life Safety and Prevention

CUS-09-05          Hazardous Materials

CUS-09-08          Disaster Policy

CUS-09-10          Less Lethal (Extended Range Impact Munitions)


CUS-10-01          Hospital Guard Duty

CUS-10-02          Sick Call

CUS-10-03          Man Down Procedure

CUS-10-04          Communicable Disease - Housing Consideration

CUS-10-05          Notification of Inmate Isolation for Communicable Disease

CUS-10-06          Infection Control for Body Substance Precaution

CUS-10-07          Work Place Exposures to Communicable Disease

CUS-10-08          Consulting On-Call Doctor

CUS-10-09          Access to Treatment

CUS-10-10          Provisions of Health Care

CUS-10-11          Dental Services

CUS-10-12          Inmates with Developmental Disabilities

CUS-10-13          Medication Consents

CUS-10-14          Suicide Prevention Plan

CUS-10-15          On-site Treatment of Inmates by Private Health

CUS-10-16          Medical Rights of Female Inmates

CUS-10-17          Administering and Storing Legally Obtained Drugs

CUS-10-18          Death of an Inmate and Notification of Next of Kin

CUS-10-19          Serious Illnesses of an Inmate and Notification of Next of Kin

CUS-10-20          Transfer of Medical Records to State Prison

CUS-10-21          Medical Co-Payments

CUS-10-22          Emergency First Aid Kits

               POST ORDERS

CUS-11-01          General Security and Master Event Schedule

CUS-11-02          Administrative Support Lieutenant

CUS-11-03          Operations Lieutenant

CUS-11-04          Custody Training Sergeant

CUS-11-05          Secretary

CUS-11-06          Booking Sergeant

CUS-11-07          Housing Sergeant

CUS-11-08          Transportation/Classification Sergeant

CUS-11-09          Transportation Deputies

CUS-11-10          Booking Movement Relief Deputy

CUS-11-11          Booking Deputy

CUS-11-12          Booking Sheriff's Service Aid

CUS-11-13          Lobby Sheriff's  Service Aid

CUS-11-15          Movement Relief Deputy #1

CUS-11-16          Movement Relief Deputy #2

CUS-11-17          Movement Relief Deputy #3

CUS-11-18          General Population Male Pod

CUS-11-19          Female Pod

CUS-11-20          Special Housing Pod

CUS-11-21          Lockdown Control Room Deputy

CUS-11-22          Chief Cook

CUS-11-23          Housekeeper

CUS-11-24          Prisoner Services

Documentary Services

Dsc 0025


CIV-01-01           Bad Checks, Receiving and Processing

CIV-01-02           Balancing, Civil, Daily

CIV-01-04           Balancing,  Records

CIV-01-06           Checks, Disbursement of, in Civil System

CIV-01-08           Checks, Received on Writ, in Civil System

General Orders



GO-01-01           Departmental Order Manual

GO-01-02           Departmental Order Index Code

GO-01-03           Departmental Awards

GO-01-04           News Media Releases

GO-01-05           Computer System Information Security

GO-01-06           Funeral Policy

GO-01-07           Employee Performance Evaluation Process

GO-01-08           Supervisor's Review Form

GO-01-09           Cellular Phone Use

GO-01-10           Computer Use, Email and Internet Access

GO-01-11           Mobile Data Computer System

GO-01-12           Criminal Offender Record Information (COR)

GO-01-13           Booking Photo, Release to Media                    

GO-01-14           GoToMYPC Remote Computer Access

GO-01-15           Watch Commander Notification

GO-01-17           Employee Speech, Expression and Social Networking

GO-01-18           Department Use of Social Media      


GO-02-01           Time Sheet

GO-02-02           Illness and Injury Policy and Procedure

GO-02-03           Overtime and Overtime Reimbursement

GO-02-04           Assignments and Reassignments- Deputy Sheriffs

GO-02-05           Assignments and Reassignments- Sheriff's Sergeants

GO-02-07           Employee Use of Alcohol

GO-02-08           Peer Support Program

GO-02-09           Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Policy

GO-02-10           Modified Duty Policy

GO-02-11           Fraternization

GO-02-12           Domestic Violence Convictions Sworn

GO-02-13           Pre-Employment Truth Verification (Polygraph and Computer Voice Stress Analysis)

GO-02-14           Citizens Complaint Investigation - Special Investigation

GO-02-16           Outside Employment

GO-02-17           Injury and Illness Prevention Program

GO-02-18           Employee Volunteer Service

GO-02-19           Jail Meal Policy

GO-02-20           Vanpool Program

GO-02-21           Division of Volunteer Services

GO-02-22           Identification Badge

GO-02-23           Vacation Request / Use Policy

GO-02-24           Training

GO-02-25           Request for Overtime Reimbursement

GO-02-26           Sheriff Service Assistant Assignment

GO-02-27           Critical Incident Fatality

GO-02-28           Cadet Program


GO-03-01           Safety Program and Review Board

GO-03-02           Building Evacuations/ Bomb Threat- Civic Center Complex

GO-03-03           HIV Test Petition

GO-03-04           Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program

GO-03-07           Soft Body Armor


GO-04-01           Use of Chemical Agents- Oleoresin Capsicum

GO-04-02           Firearms Qualifications

GO-04-03           Use and Discharge of Firearm

GO-04-04           Firearm Specifications - On and Off Duty Firearms Requirements and Specifications

GO-04-05           Firearms Storage

Policy 300          Use of Force

GO-04-07           Less Lethal (Extended Range Impact Munitions)

GO-04-08           Officer Initiated Shootings

GO-04-09           Wrap Restraint Policy

GO-04-10           Electronic Control Devices (X26-Taser)

GO-04-11           Flying While Armed


GO-05-01           Victims of Crime Program

GO-05-02           Marin County Law Enforcement Protocol for the Investigation of Domestic Violence

GO-05-03           Mutual Aid Requests

GO-05-04           Private Persons Arrest

GO-05-05           Evidence Collection and Submittal

GO-05-06           Evidence Submitted to Evidence/Property Room - Perishable

GO-05-07           Evidence - Controlled Substance

GO-05-08           Evidence - Biohazard and Hazardous Chemicals

GO-05-09           MERA Portable Radio Assignment

GO-05-10           Suspected Elder / Dependent Abuse

GO-05-11           Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program

GO-05-12           Megan's Law Procedure

GO-05-13           Juvenile Detentions and Arrest

GO-05-15           Supicious Death/Homicide Investigation Protocol

GO-05-16           Medical Aid Calls Involving Children

GO-05-18           Child Abduction Protocol

GO-05-19           Amber Alert/Endangered Missing Advisories

Policy 429          Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

GO-05-21           Offender Registration

GO-05-23           Automatic Vehicle Locating System

GO-05-24           Immigration Status (Trust Act Implementation)

GO-05-25           Mental Illness Commitments and The Confiscation of Firearms/Deadly Weapons

GO-05-26           Body Worn Cameras

GO-05-27           Prision Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

GO-05-28           Acceptance and Processing of Ice Detainer Requests

GO-05-29           Naloxone (Narcan) Overdose Prevention

GO 05-30            Hate Crimes

GO 05-31            Involuntary Blood Draw

GO-05-32            Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

GO-05-33            "Axon Capture" for Photographic Evidence

Patrol Services



PAT-01-03          Release of Firearms

PAT-01-08          Unattended Deaths / Serious Felony Investigations


PAT-02-01          Storage of Impounding of Motor Vehicles

PAT-02-03          Rotational Tow Policy

PAT-02-05          Traffic Enforcement and Citations

PAT-02-06          Traffic Court Appearances

PAT-02-08          Vehicle Abatement

PAT-02-09          Recreational Vehicle Removal

PAT-02-11          Speed Measuring Devices / Radar

PAT-02-12          Traffic Safety Vest

              CIVIL CODE

PAT-03-01          Civil Rights Demonstration - Nonviolent

PAT-03-02          Persons Under Temporary Conservatorship

PAT-03-03          Civil Service Process

PAT-03-04          Animal Noise Policy

PAT-03-05          Walkaway Psychiatric Patients from Treatment Facilities

PAT-03-06          "Tarasoff Warning" Civil Code 43.9


PAT-04-01          Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Policy

PAT-04-03          Mobile Ident ll Fingerprint Reader


PAT-05-01          Missing Juveniles

PAT-05-05          School Resource Officer

PAT-05-06          Medical Aid Calls Involving Children

PAT-05-07          Child Abuse Reporting


PAT-08-03          Canine Unit

PAT-08-04          Explosive and Firearm Detection - Canine Unit

PAT-08-05          Sheriff's Mounted Posse Unit

              COURT ORDERS

PAT-09-01          Emergency Protective Orders

PAT-09-02          Protective Order Violations

PAT-09-03          Bail Enhancement

              MUTUAL AID   

PAT-10-01          Mutual Assistance Request

PAT-10-02          Mutual Assistance--Agencies Within Marin County

PAT-10-03          Patrol Division Seniority Shift's Assignments


PAT-11-01          Aircraft Accidents


PAT-12-01          Ride Along Program

PAT-12-02          "Are You O.K.?" Program

PAT-12-03          Field Training Program