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Conducted Electrical Weapon Deployments (1st Quarter 2016)

First Quarter 2016 statistics for electronic control device usage by the Marin County Sheriff's Department

1/10/16 - Type of deployment: drew taser and pointed it at suspect

Suspect surrendered upon mere display of CEW

  • Case: 16-197
  • Video: Yes
  • Injuries: None
  • Offense: 11550 H&S Use/Under the Influence, 243(b) PC Battery on Peace Officer

A Patrol Deputy was dispatched to a call of an unwanted subject at a convenience store. The Reporting Party stated that the subject was acting incoherently inside the store and refused to leave. When the Deputy arrived, the Deputy attempted to speak to the subject. The subject was uncooperative and continued to yell and speak incoherently. When the Deputy attempted to restrain the subject to conduct an under the influence investigation, the subject turned and kicked the Deputy in the shin. The Deputy activated her CEW, turned it on, and pointed it at the subject, ordering the subject to get on the ground. The Deputy held the subject at Taser Point until back up arrived. Once back up arrived, the subject was safely taken into custody.

1/14/16 - Type of deployment: drew taser and pointed it at suspect

Suspect surrendered upon mere display of CEW

  • Case: 16-289
  • Video: Yes
  • Injuries: None
  • Offense: 148(a) PC- Obstructing/Delaying a Peace Officer

A Patrol Sergeant was on routine patrol in Southern Marin. He observed a subject he recognized from previous contacts, running through a parking lot of a commercial area. He yelled to the subject and asked if he was okay. The subject ignored his call, and continued to run behind a large building. The Sergeant followed him to check his welfare. Once behind the building, he observed the subject in a physical altercation with another male subject. The Sergeant exited his vehicle and chased after the subject who ran off. Responding Deputies in the area arrived to assist. A Patrol Deputy arrived on scene and noticed the remaining subject on scene was holding a pocket knife. The Deputy un-holstered his CEW, turned it on, and aimed it at the subject holding the knife. A cover Deputy was able to safely take the subject into custody, while the other Deputy continued to hold the subject at Taser Point. The other subject was taken into custody without incident.