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Electronic Control Device Report (4th Quarter 2014)

Fourth Quarter 2014 statistics for electronic control device usage by the Marin County Sheriff's Department

10/2/14 - Type of deployment: drew - aimed - pointed laser

Suspect surrendered upon mere display of CEW

  • Case: 14-5594
  • Video: Yes
  • Injuries: Minor
  • Offense: 148 PC – Resisting Arrest 594 PC – Vandalism

Two Patrol Deputies responded to a call for service at Marin General Hospital regarding a subject who did not want to leave the Emergency Room. The Deputies contacted a man inside the ER who admitted to taking methamphetamine and LSD earlier in the day. Hospital staff told Deputies that they were finished treating the man, and due to his deteriorating behavior inside the ER, they wanted him to leave. While detaining the subject in handcuffs in the back of a police car, the subject began to thrash his body around the back of a patrol car and began to attempt to kick out the windows of the car. One Deputy noticed that one of the handcuffs had come off the subject’s wrist and he was flailing his arm around the car with one of the handcuffs dangling from his wrist. Realizing that this could be a potential weapon used against him, the Deputy un-holstered his CEW, turned it on, and pointed it at the subject. After a lengthy dialogue with the man, Deputies were eventually able to calm the subject down and get him back into custody and booked into Jail. The CEW was never fired during this incident. Injuries sustained to the subject were not the result of the CEW.

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