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In Custody Death- Legal Mandates

In Custody Death- Legal Mandates

Law Enforcement agencies are required by law to provide information related to any incarcerated person who dies while in law enforcement custody. In our previous Press Release (May 30, 2024), we advised that on May 30th a medical emergency occurred within the Marin County Jail that led to the death of an incarcerated person. Below is the legally mandated information we are able to release. Any additional information related to this investigation may be provided by San Rafael Police Department and/or the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Coroner’s Division.  


1. The full name of the agency with custodial responsibility at the time of death.

Marin County Sheriff’s Office 


2. The county in which the death occurred. 

Marin County 


3. The facility in which the death occurred, and the location within that facility where the death occurred.  

  Housing Unit: B-Pod Facility: Marin County Jail (13 Peter Behr Dr San Rafael, CA) 


4. The race, gender, and age of the decedent.  

  Caucasian, Male, 43 yr old 


5. The date on which the death occurred.  

  Incident occurred: May 30th    Date of Death: May 30th 


6. The custodial status of the decedent, including, but not limited to, whether the person was awaiting arraignment, awaiting trial, or incarcerated.  

  Awaiting trial  


7. The manner and means of death.  

 Cause of Death: Pending Investigation (Update will be provided when Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Division releases full forensic examination report   

  Manner of DeathPending investigation (Update will be provided at conclusion of San Rafael Police Department Independent Investigation)