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Marijuana Sales to Minors- Subject Arrested

Marijuana sales to minors- Subject arrested and cash seized

On 03/07/24, an MCSO Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a white Honda Civic for mechanical violations. The driver was identified as Julian Sanchez (age 21) out of San Rafael. A records check showed Sanchez was on Marin County Probation with terms to include search and seizure of his property and electronics.

During a search of Sanchez’s vehicle, over a pound of processed marijuana, hundreds of dollars in U.S. currency, a functioning digital scale, packaging, two working cellphones, and other marijuana related products were located by deputies. Sanchez refused to provide Deputies with the passcodes to his cellphones, which he was required to do so per his probation terms. Deputies seized all evidence of Sanchez engaging in illegal marijuana sales and issued him a citation. 
Detectives quickly were able to locate an apartment Sanchez was residing at, which he had not reported to his probation officer. Detectives also located a storage unit under Sanchez control. After reviewing the contents of Sanchez’s cellphones, detectives discovered Sanchez was selling large volumes of marijuana products, such as vape pens, to hundreds of subjects. Many of the subjects Sanchez was selling marijuana products to appeared to be juveniles, which is a felony. Many of the transaction locations occurred at or near the various High Schools within Marin County.
On 03/08/24, SIU detectives contact Sanchez at his vehicle in downtown San Rafael to conduct a probation search. Sanchez was found to be in possession of dozens of marijuana vape pens of various brands. The estimated street value of the marijuana products seized was over $20,000. Detectives also seized over $17,000 from Sanchez, which is suspected to be his proceeds from his marijuana sales.
Sanchez was placed under arrest and booked into the Marin County Jail for felony marijuana sales to juveniles.

MCSO encourages parents to be vigilant to their children’s activities on their cellphones. Apps such as Telegram and Signal (app logos shown in last images) are frequently used by drug dealers to communicate with potential buyers.