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Marin County Sheriff's Office Offers Bicycle Registry Program

Information about registering your bicycle

If you aren't aware, stolen bicycles have and continue to be big business for small time criminals here in Marin County. We here in Marin are well known for our love of our bikes and of course we are home to the best cycling roads and trails this entire country has to offer. Being a cyclist myself I know the investment we put into our bikes, some adding up to thousands of dollars alone just for the frames. Yesterday the Marin IJ ran a story on several dozens of bikes, bike frames and related parts that were recovered and suspected to be stolen property. Novato Police are continuing their investigation and trying to reunite as many of these bikes with their rightful owners. Reading this latest story it seems only appropriate to remind or inform people of the Sheriff's Bicycle Registry Program. This is a FREE service provided by the Sheriff's Office available to all Marin County residents. This record of registered bicycles allows law enforcement to quickly retrieve identifying information and photos of stolen and lost bicycles, increasing the likelihood of recovery. To add your bicycle to the Marin County Sheriff's Office Bicycle Registry, please select "Services" above, and then "Forms" to download the registration information.