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Parking resolution to help curb non-essential travel for recreation in Marin County

The Marin County Sheriff's Office will enforce non-essential motorized travel to parks and open space throughout unincorporated Marin County with new parking restrictions. 

Unfortunately, we continue to see a large number of visitors travelling to Marin County for non-essential reasons. More specifically, a multitude of visitors not practicing social distancing and crowding our trails, parks and neighborhoods, which puts the health and safety of our county at risk.

Over a week ago, we began issuing warning citations informing motorized travelers they were in violation of the Shelter Order by driving to recreate. Since that time, we have issued thousands of warning citations on vehicles parked in violation of the shelter in place order. Driving to our parks and open space is considered non-essential travel as outlined in both the Shelter and Park Orders.

On April 9th, 2020 the Director of Emergency Services established an emergency parking resolution to help curb non-essential travel to parks and open space areas in Marin County. The resolution, which applies to unincorporated areas of Marin County, designates no parking zones around multiple areas within our jurisdiction. Specifically areas where parks and open space are accessed.

Parking within these areas, which will be clearly identified with signage, will be a violation of Marin County Code 15.36.060. The fine associated with this code is one hundred (100) dollars.

Deputies and Parking Enforcement Officers from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office will be enforcing this Marin County Code. We caution all residents and visitors to recreate near their home, within your own neighborhood and utilize non-motorized means to access our parks and open space.