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Sheriff Doyle's response to the death of George Floyd

Marin Community, 

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office would like to join the many others around this country in expressing our sorrow and anger at the actions that led to the death of George Floyd. 
We have all seen the video.  The actions of the Minneapolis Police Officers in regards to Mr. Floyd's death do not require additional context or more video.  There is no reasonable explanation for what we saw. 
Law Enforcement Officers spend countless hours training on how, when necessary, to detain an individual utilizing proper techniques.  What we saw in the video is what we train against. 
The greatest tool in a law enforcement officer’s toolbox is trust.  It takes time to build trust with the community and, when incidents like this happen, only minutes to tear it down. 
I know what we witnessed in Minneapolis does not represent the dedication to duty shown by law enforcement officers throughout this nation.  Unfortunately, that truth becomes more difficult for some to accept as we see a repeat of behavior unbecoming of our profession. 
As your Sheriff, I want to say to those in our community feeling hurt by the death of Mr. Floyd that we feel it too.  And, that we are dedicated to ensuring fairness in our on-going work to keep this community safe. 

Sheriff Robert T. Doyle