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SIU Detectives Arrest Wanted Kidnapping and Sexual Assault Fugitive out of Salt Lake City, UT

The Specialized Investigative Unit (SIU) of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office received information that an individual wanted by the Salt Lake City Police Department in relation to a kidnapping for sexual assault case might be residing within the County of Marin. Personnel from SIU confirmed the warrant, issued in 1997, was still outstanding for the arrest of 46-year-old Jaime Diaz Calderon. Detectives from SIU conducted surveillance, coordinated with the San Rafael Police Department, and were able to safely take Calderon into custody. Calderon was booked into custody at the Marin County Jail as a fugitive from justice on February 1, 2022.      

The Specialized Investigative Unit is comprised of detectives from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, the Central Marin Police Authority, the San Rafael Police Department, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the California Highway Patrol. Detectives in SIU investigate major crimes, narcotics-related criminal activity, and conduct undercover operations directed at enhancing safety within the County of Marin. 

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