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Specialized Investigative Unit (SIU) and Coordination of Probation Enforcement (COPE) 2022 Statistics

In 2022, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office Specialized Investigative Unit (SIU) along with the Coordination of Probation Enforcement (COPE) Unit produced the below listed data. 

The Sheriff’s Office COPE unit primary focus is to monitor high risk narcotic violators who have been placed on probation rather than serving time in custody.

The Sheriff’s Office SIU takes a proactive approach to investigate narcotics related criminal activity and violent or major crimes throughout the unincorporated areas of Marin County as well as city jurisdictions that contribute to the SIU.  SIU personnel primarily work in an undercover capacity and the below statistics reflect their efforts in this area.  


  1. 13 Firearms
  2. $203,465.01 in US Currency
  3. 2.65 pounds of cocaine
  4. 13.2 pounds of fentanyl
  5. 136.5 pounds of crystal methamphetamine (Majority of seizures due to joint case with Sonoma County S.O. and the DEA)
  6. ½ pound of heroin
  7. ½ pound of DMT
  8. 709.5 dosage units of Xanax
  9. 547 du of Oxycontin
  10. 61.9 pounds of marijuana product
  11. 22.17 pounds of Hash product
  12. .65 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms
  13. 19 grams of crack
  14. 107 dosage units of Ecstasy
  15. 73.7 dosage units of GHB
  16. 31 dosage units of LSD
  17. 30.6 grams of powdered MDMA

Arrests:  160

Search Warrants:  62

Probation Searches:  341

Assist Outside Agencies:  56

The commitment to drug enforcement by the detectives in these units has been remarkable and has made a significant impact on our communities.