Job Description


Communications Dispatch Manager

Administers all County emergency and public safety communications activities.

This single-position, management class administers all County emergency and public safety communications activities through subordinate supervision. Successful performance of the work requires not only administrative, supervisory, planning and budgetary skills, but also skill in dealing with a variety of County departments and other agencies to provide dispatching and communications services and coordinate various functional activities. This class is distinguished from the sworn management classes in that it does not require sworn status or P.O.S.T. law enforcement certification, although it does have a similar level of division-level management.

  • Plans, manages and reviews the work of assigned communications staff through subordinate supervision
  • Schedules staff to provide coverage on a 24-hour, 7-day basis
  • Participates in the selection of assigned staff
  • Provides for the training of staff in work procedures
  • Evaluates performance and provides for staff discipline as required
  • Develops and implements goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standards for the division
  • Prepares and administers the division’s budget
  • Interprets policies and procedures of the department and the County to staff
  • Provides for the installation, upgrading, maintenance, operation and staff training for all computer-aided dispatch hardware and software
  • Coordinates the dispatch services of the division with the requirements of the Sheriff’s department, other County departments and districts
  • Acts as the departmental coordinator with the State and other law enforcement agencies for the CLETS communications system
  • Oversees and acts as liaison with the County jail central control system and staff
  • Provides input into improved office procedures and implements such procedures upon adoption
  • Acts as division liaison and represents the division and the communications functions with meetings with other County departments and local, State and Federal agency representatives
  • Maintains or directs the maintenance of records for the communications functions
  • Provides for the maintenance of master street and telephone number listings within the County
  • Prepares a variety of periodic and special reports as required
  • Personally responds to and coordinates the division’s response to emergency situations
  • Oversees the operation of or personally operates mobile equipment in emergency situations
  • Uses standard office equipment in the course of the work
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