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Job Description


Communications Dispatcher

Communications Dispatcher's operates a wide variety of complex emergency communications equipment dispatching sheriff/police and/or fire/medical resources.

Communications Dispatcher is in the non-sworn Communications Dispatch series. Incumbents operate a wide variety of complex emergency communications equipment dispatching sheriff/police and/or fire/medical resources. Incumbents are required to handle emergency situations with relative independence within established policies and procedures. Incumbents may operate a Mobile Command Unit, or be assigned as a Communications Dispatcher staff trainer. Must be able to work 24-hour, 7-day per week shifts, including weekends and holidays and overtime as required to operate a 24-hour, 7-day per week public safety facility. Mobility to work in a communications dispatch center and a standard office setting and to use a variety of communications and standard office equipment, including a computer; stamina to sit and maintain attention for extended periods of time and to work under extended stressful situations; vision to read the printed word, computer screens and closed circuit security monitors; and hearing to communicate effectively in person, on the telephone and over two-way radio equipment.

Examples Of Duties (Illustrative Only)

Evaluates information to determine appropriate jurisdiction and equipment. Relays or dispatches sheriff, police, fire, medical emergency and other public safety personnel and equipment.
Operates a variety of communications equipment including transmitters, receivers, radio consoles, teletype, computer systems and an enhanced 911 emergency telephone system.
Receives emergency medical calls, evaluating the response needed and instructing the callers using the Department’s emergency medical dispatch program. Prepares records, reports and logs of all activities, which includes basic typing and data entry.
Provides information and direction to the public. Assists field personnel by locating and providing data to accomplish a field operation function.
Files documents and provides related office support to the dispatch function. May operate and drive the Mobile Command Center.
  • Acts as Communications Dispatch staff trainer on a one-on-one basis.

  • Trains communications staff in work procedures and dispatch techniques.
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