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Deputy Sheriff Trainee

Includes a Deputy Sheriff Trainee position that is entry level and a Deputy Sheriff position which is the journey level in this class series.

Deputy Sheriff (Trainee) is the entry level in this sworn law enforcement series. Initially under close supervision, incumbents attend a designated law enforcement academy to gain their basic POST certificate, participate in the Sheriff’s Office Field Training Program and Jail Operations Training Program, and become familiar with all aspects of law enforcement. This class is alternately staffed with Deputy Sheriff’s, and incumbents may advance to the higher level after gaining experience, completing the required training and meeting the qualifications for the higher-level class. 

Deputy Sheriff is the journey level in this class series; fully competent to perform the full range of patrol, investigation, corrections, court security, correctional officer and related duties. This class is distinguished from Sheriff’s Sergeant in that the latter provides supervision and training to Deputy Sheriffs in corrections, patrol, courts and investigations and may provide administrative support to the department in specified areas.

Examples of Duties (Illustrative Only)

Patrols assigned areas to protect life and property and deter crime; responds to calls including burglaries, disturbances, accidents, robberies & other violations of the law; administers first aid; performs field interrogations; provides traffic & crowd control; issues traffic citations; performs stake-outs; transports arrested individuals to County Jail; makes court appearances to testify as a material or expert witness; prepares a variety of reports.
In addition to duties listed in Patrol Assignment this assignment patrols Marin’s coast line, and inland waterways by Patrol Boat and/or other watercraft; enforces boating and navigation laws; performs waterways and underwater search and rescue; boating safety checks; acts as liaison with Marine Patrol Reserves; provides first aid and/or fire suppression while awaiting arrival of firefighters/paramedics.
Patrols assigned open space areas by vehicle or on foot to protect life and property; responds to calls including District Ordinance violations, disturbances, accidents and other violations of the law; provides public information; administers first aid; performs emergency repairs to District structures such as gates, fences or drain inlets, removes safety hazards from roads or trails; performs field interrogations; may extinguish small wild land fires while awaiting arrival of firefighters; transports arrested individuals to County Jail; makes court appearances to testify as a material or expert witness; prepares a variety of reports.
Determines proper method for legal service of a process; prepares schedules to assure time and efficient routing of processes to be served; serves processes; locates persons no longer at locations given; executes Court-issued writs and orders by seizing property, checking evicted location or physically removing occupants from premises; supervises transportation of seized property to storage area; prepares various reports and forms.
Makes presentations to community groups and schools regarding crime prevention, protection and safety.
Interviews victims and witnesses to obtain information pertaining to a crime; performs background checks of suspects; examines crime scenes to obtain evidence and verify statements made by victims, witnesses and suspects; arrests and interrogates suspects; transports suspects to jail; performs follow-up investigations as necessary; works with District Attorney staff in the preparation of cases; appears in court to testify as material or expert witness; performs stake-outs; operates equipment such as cameras and electronic listening devices; prepares a variety of reports.
Transports prisoners to and from court, other jurisdictions or institutions, and clinics and hospitals for medical and psychological treatments.
Receives, searches, books and places prisoners in appropriate cells; receives and safeguards inmates’ personal property; maintains security and control in receiving, visitation and other jail areas; transports inmates to activities outside jail; conducts inspections and counts; controls inmates’ daily activities including meals; distributes medications; screens items going in and out of cells; supervises, counsels and evaluates inmates assigned as trustees; provides inmate information to the courts, other staff members and other law enforcement agencies; maintains a variety of records and logs; may function as shift supervisor in the absence of the assigned Sergeant.
Maintains order and ensures the security and safe condition of the courtroom; assures the safety of jurors and the public; escorts prisoners to and from the courtroom and maintains control of prisoners during trial; maintains control of audience and removes disorderly persons as required; guards deliberating jury to preclude outside influence; calls witnesses and informs judge that jury has reached a verdict; guards and secures County buildings and facilities; maintains court procedure records.
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